Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD, Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon, comments on the flood of patients going overseas for cosmetic surgery procedures.

If you asked this question, most everyone would say, " for sure". But some areas of the world may be doing better than others and one area may be Asia and South Korea in particular. What is the HOT new growth industry?

Medical tourism – booming.

Last year 82,000 patients visited South Korea and generated alone 700 million dollars in revenue. Three years earlier there were only 8,000 visitors. Next year they are expecting nearly 200,000 and get this - by 2020 they anticipate nearly one million medical tourists. Incredible! Plastic surgery procedures on average, cost about ½ as much. However there are considerable travel costs, hotels, meals, and should complications arise you just can’t just hop in your car and go to your local plastic surgeon down the block. It is not always an easy choice to say the least.


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