Saturday, September 17, 2011

I have mixed emotions when I receive thank you notes. I one hand, I am thrilled to know that I made life easier for someone. On the other hand, I am concerned that sharing the note will be perceived as immodest. Nevertheless, if telling you, dear reader, about someone else's successful surgery can help you decide whether or not to go forward with one you are contemplating, I think it is worth the possibility of appearing to be full of myself.

So, here are two recent thank you notes I received. Both were delivered in hard copy, so I had to have my staff transcribe them. I hope you find them interesting.

"Dear Dr. Brueck:

Thank you very much for removing a cancerous growth from my forehead last month. You did excellent surgery and I am truly grateful." - LC


And VKM wrote:

"Re: Reconstructive breast implant surgery performed on me due to a double partial mastectomy 30 years ago. During those years the appearance of my breasts as well as the condition of the implants deteriorated. My right breast changed shape and shrunk due to implant leakage. My left breast was just the opposite. It was swollen and enlarged due to implant leakage and old blood. Over time I was affected mentally because of the way I felt about my looks and day to day pain. (It was becoming very painful in my side and back.)

About 15 years ago, I was in a Doctors office for eye care and this very nice man came in and introduced himself. I later found out this man was a plastic surgeon and honored for being the best many times. I remembered that meeting and I'm glad I did. To make the story shorter, the appointment was made and the procedure was completed. Not only did he correct my physical looks 1000 percent. He also changed the way I feel about myself tremendously.

There is something to be said about a Doctor's personal demeanor and bedside manor (sic), this particular Doctor has it all. I just had my yearly physical and my primary Doctor was very impressed.

I would like to profoundly thank you, Robert John Brueck MD FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon."


Thank you for allowing me to share these with you. Both will be posted to the Testimonials page on my Fort Myers Plastic Surgery website.


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