Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Another blog message from Fort Myers Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD


The highly competitive market place for cosmetic surgery procedures creates somewhat questionable practices. No other area is as susceptible as so-called "before and after" photos.

With all the newest technologies – new vendors – new software programs such as Photoshop by Adobe systems - "after" photos can be altered to give that “WOW!” effect. These altered "before and after" photo’s can be changed to the point where a prospective patient says, “Wow, I want that."

A case in point of deception is found in a widely-aired television commercial for a trademarked surgical procedure.

The "after" photo’s reveal a result that would be impossible to obtain with this one procedure.

At the bottom of the post-op photo is a disclaimer wherein the producers of the commercial state that other procedures also were done. How many people will see let alone read the disclaimer?

Legal? – yes. Deceptive? – for sure.

I have always told my new patients – "when you become my patient, you get total honesty and I treat you like a member of my family."

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