Thursday, February 23, 2012


I guess if you are trying to lose 20 lbs or so the answer would be a resounding “NO”!

Now, scientists have identified a baby fat called “brown fat”. It was thought that brown fat went away as we got older, but now we know adults have persistent brown fat that is active.

Interestingly the heavier a person is, the LESS brown fat they have. Brown fat gets it’s color from the iron contained in it.

As a Fort Myers plastic surgeon who deals with weight loss patients, I'm always for looking for ways to burn off more "bad" fat.

A study recently showed in mice that excess white fat can be turned into brown fat which is more metabolically active than white fat, ie. it burns more calories.

Cold also increases brown fat activity. Will we see a rush to go “ice fishing?”

So the quest is on to increase the amounts of brown fat in our bodies.

It is thought if we could increase the amount of brown fat in our bodies, to say 3 ounces, only 3 ounces, we could lose an extra 500 calories a day for 52 lbs. a year! Now that’s weight loss!

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