Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Incision choice in breast augmentation

Breast augmentation has rebounded in popularity to the top of the charts due to readily available silicone implants.  

Breast augmentation can be done through several incision types, inframammary, periareolar (around the nipple), axillary or armpit and periumbilical.  

Does the choice of incision impact the incidence of significant capsular contraction (remember EVERYONE gets a capsular)?  A recent study of 197 primary breast augs revealed a lower incidence of significant capsular contracture with the inframammary approach.  The rate of capsular contracture with the axillary incision was 13 times greater. It was five times greater with the periareolar.  The degree of significant capsular contraction rates is pretty much the same whether saline or silicone is used.

I insist that patients consult with me before going forward with any breast augmentation procedure. There are man considerations to discuss an agree on. I invite you to get a primer on breast augmentation at my Fort Myers plastic surgeon website.


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