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What is this?  Once again we are utilizing the patients own tissues.  

We draw off 60-70 cc’s of a patients blood and spin it down twice to get super concentrated PRP with all of those growth enhancing proteins. 

We apply an anesthetic cream to the patients face - sometimes use a little ice which is numbing as well.  While the cream is working we draw the blood and get our concentrated PRP.  After working and prepping the face, we spray the activated PRP onto a small area of the patients face, say the forehead.  We have a micro-dermal roller with very tiny needle points 1 mm in depth and make literally thousands of small openings in the patients skin to allow all of these goodies, ie. growth factors, to sink in.  We roll – massage – roll – massage. 

We then move to another area, say the left cheek, and repeat this process until the entire face is done.  Once completed we cover the patients face with a collagen mask for 15-25 minutes.  It’s removed and the patient goes home – they don’t shower or wash their face that night.  Up in the morning – shower – and back to normal routine with a new healthy glow to their face.

As a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers-Naples, I do not want to oversell this procedure, but UNDERSELL it.  This is NOT  a facelift, but it is a good way to restore your skin to a more normal healthy appearance. 

I recommend a patient receives 2-4 of these treatments separated by 4-8 weeks.  It is also helpful if a patient is on a good skin care program such as Nia-24 or Obagi.  Some patients may need a peel to soften wrinkles – fat to fill in hollows or depressions - but the key is that the combination of all of the above can go along to help rejuvenate a patients facial appearance.  Again, it is NOT a facelift.  Also remember whenever a non-surgical procedure is done on someone – there may be a tremendous variation in one patient's response compared to another.  It’s another alternative – another choice – outpatient – non surgical – minimal downtime.  It is not a panacea, but surely a step in the right direction.


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I greatly appreciate all the info I've read here. I will spread the word about your blog to other people. Cheers.

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