Saturday, October 6, 2012

Have you noticed the Holiday ads?

Yes, stores are already advertising for holiday sales. That's a sure sign that holiday parties are not far behind.

Soon, it will be reunions with friends you haven't seen since they went up north.

It will be swimsuits at pool parties now that it is comfortable enough to be outside.

It will off-the-shoulder gowns at formal galas.

It will be all glamour and jewelry that calls attention to how beautiful you look.

What a smart time to set up an appointment with your favorite  
Southwest Florida cosmetic surgeon.  There have been so many advances in the field. Ask him how he can bring your beauty and shapeliness back to what it once was. 

If you do this now, you will have time for the procedure and recovery before the social swurl begins.

Have that body sculpting you have been promising yourself. Go for that QuickLift to bring the sparkle back to your being.

And consider this: If you are one of the millions of women who shun wearing a favorite party dress because of excessive sweating, talk to me about miraDry, a non-surgical way to stop heavy sweating that limits your wardrobe.

Excessive underarm sweating is a medical condition. It even has a medical name - hyperhidrosis. And it can be treated with miraDry
Patients I have treated have reported 95% reduction in underarm perspiration.

Call me at 239-939-5233 to arrange a consultation. It won't cost you anything to learn how your beauty wishes can be achieved in time to show off to your friends.

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