Friday, November 9, 2012

New Weapon in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

A company called First Warning Systems Inc. in Reno, Nevada has developed a new technology to aid in the EARLY detection of breast cancer. 

Breast cancer cells need to establish a good blood supply to continue to grow.  The development of new blood supply to a tumor creates a measurable temperature change.  As a breast lesion goes from normal to malignant, the thermal fingerprint of the lesion will change as well.  In order for a breast cancer to be large enough to be felt or palpated it must go through 30 tumor doubling times.  After 30 doubling times the lesion maybe 1 cm. which is small.  

The goal of the First Warning Breast System is to pick up breast cancers even before they reach 1 cm. in size.  Different types have different  thermal patterns.  By utilizing this new technology one can help identify early malignancies from benign breast growths.  

As a Florida breast surgeon, I need to do a little more research but it is exciting. 

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