Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What is lycopene and why should you care?

As a board certified cosmetic surgeon in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, FL, I have always supported the idea of good health through the use of natural foods.
I also personally always have enjoyed big, ripe, red, juicy tomatoes. 

Now, I have learned they may lower my risk of stroke. Increasing levels of lycopene  by eating more tomatoes can lower the incidence or risk of strokes by a whopping 55%!  

In addition, according to the Mayo Clinic, high consumption of lycopene-containing foods, such as tomatoes, or the presence of high lycopene levels in the blood, have correlated with lower incidences of cancer, cardiovascular disease, and macular degeneration. Tomatoes also are sources of other nutrients such as vitamin C, folate, and potassium, all of which may contribute to positive health results. 

So, slice them, dice them, put them in a salad and eat up. If you don't like tomatoes (or they don't like you), Lycopene is also found in grapefruit, watermelon, papaya and mango. 

By the way, everything I write in these blogs is general health information. It is not intended as specific medical advice.

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