Friday, October 19, 2012

What's the best breast implant?

Breast augmentation has remained one of the MOST popular operations cosmetic surgeons do.  The main complication that I see as a Fort Myers plastic surgeon is the development of a firm capsule post op.

I recently read a study comparing smooth silicone breast implants versus textured implants.  The study involved 168 women with smooth implants versus 181 women with textured implants.  

The results were pretty amazing - 19% of women with smooth implants developed capsular contracture versus only 1% for textured.  

A corollary study was done to compare incision sites.  The highest rate of hard capsular was with the transaxillary (underarm) followed by the peri-areolar (around the nipple where it meets breast tissue) and the best was inframammary (the fold where the breast tissue meets the chest wall).

The more we learn, the better informed you are as a patient.

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