Friday, March 8, 2013

Another look at stem cells

About a week ago I began my “own” little journey to see if I could grow my hair through PRP injections.  PRP stands for platelet rich plasma.  I have used PRP along with a patient's own fat to augment various parts of a patient's aging face.  The PRP comes from the patients own blood.  It is a great concept – no foreign objects – no foreign materials.

I realize everyone’s experience is different.  I remember as a young man making inquiries into hair transplants.  Mind you, I was in my late teens or early 20’s.  Hair loss to a shy, introverted young man was devastating.  After my consult I realized it would never become reality – the cost was prohibitive even back then. 

Now, fast forward 40 years and we enter the world of PRP.  Granted, I’ve lost a few more strands over those 40 years – actually more than a few and they even have changed color.  I guess change can be a good thing.  I have experienced first hand how devastated a young man can be as he starts losing his hair.  For many it is part of their masculine identity, like breasts for a women.

As a Florida cosmetic surgeon, I have seen some truly remarkable re-growth of hair through injections of PRP into the scalp.  I decided to investigate.  

Apparently hair follicles in male pattern baldness may be dormant and really haven’t vanished.  They just need a “boost” – PRP can provide that boost – besides it is your own tissue.  Some men and even women have had excellent hair re-growth by having injections of PRP plus protein matrix into their scalp.  

So easy – so straight-forward - so I asked, "Why not try it out.  See if is really works" So off I went to see Dr. Joe Greco in Sarasota, who actually is a PhD and has done a lot of work with PRP and hair transplant/plugs.  So Linda and I headed north to Sarasota….

Stay with me. There is more to come.

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