Tuesday, March 26, 2013

New Trends in Breast Augmentation

If you see a slender, youngish lady with large and perky breasts, you may wonder if they are implants. 

"Real 'C' cups start sagging by the time you're 30," says a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.  As a result, some women are now seeking a subtler way to increase breast size. The January 2013 issue of Marie Claire discusses these latest trends:

Fat Transfer or Injection

If you don't want the alleged stigma of implants, you can increase your breast size with your own fat. Assuming you have extra fat to spare from love handles or saddle bags, it can be removed through liposuction and injected into your breasts.

The advantages? You will have no scars, your breasts may feel more
natural, and no one will know that you have had any work done. Further, if you gain weight,  the weight will go straight to your chest, according to a 
Beverly Hills plastic surgeon.

But there also are disadvantages. This process requires extensive recovery time because of soreness from  the liposuction. Furthermore, it costs more for less volume. Only about half of the fat, equal to about a half to a full cup size, remains after six months. The remainder is metabolized by the body. The procedure can take up to six times as long as the standard 30-minute implant surgery.

Other innovations

Some doctors now have Vectra 3-D Imaging Devices, which can inflate your chest photographically, so you can see what you will look like. Or, if you wonder what will be the most flattering proportion for you, there is an app for a computerized program that uses chest dimensions and nipple spacing to calculate your perfect cup size and most perfect silhouette. A graceful slope to the upper part of the breast looks natural compared with an upper bulge, which looks fake.

You can look ahead to more anatomically-shaped teardrop implants with gummy-bear like silicone filling that help prevent that bulging look on top.

For the most reliable information about for breast augmentation for you, contact a board-certified plastic surgeon.

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I would like to have breast aesthetics. However, from Turkey I need to find a good plastic surgeon.

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