Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Never, ever, allow unlicensed silicone injections

[Excerpted  from the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) Smart Beauty)
 Florida man arrested for performing non-licensed silicone injections
A Florida man was arrested last week for allegedly injecting people with silicone without a medical license, First Coast News reported. The silicone injections were administered in the buttocks, a common illegal practice used to enhance the body's curves. 
Police officials told the news source that the Orlando resident performed an estimated six silicone buttocks injections per day, collecting up to $1,200 for each procedure. 
The alleged perpetrator was found in a hotel room in Plantation, Fla. with 15 bottles of silicone liquid, 47 bottles of lidocaine, syringes, gloves and super glue, according to the news source. He also had about $18,000  in cash hidden in a suitcase.
Illegal silicone injections are a prevalent concern as cases continue to increase throughout the U.S. According to a previous report from The Los Angeles Times, there have been more than a dozen investigations into deaths related to illegal buttocks injections. The news source stated that eight people have been convicted of administering these injections without a license.
Buttock augmentation has also become increasingly popular throughout the years. Americans spent more than $26 million on the procedure in 2012, according to the news outlet. When done legally by a licensed physician, the procedure reshapes the buttocks with the patient's own tissue - known as an autologous fat transfer - or with implants. Silicone injections are typically unsafe and performed by non-board-certified plastic surgeons. 
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PS: If cash is a problem, you may qualify for CareCredit.

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