Monday, December 16, 2013

A Different Kind of Cosmetic Surgery Testimonial

I frequently get thank you notes from patients, which I post to the “testimonials” page of my website. I am very happy to receive them. In many ways, they are more valuable than the fee I receive for my surgical procedures. It is extremely rewarding to learn from patients of their happiness, satisfaction or how something I have done has changed their lives.

A recent one has a little different character because it refers to the work by another doctor that left the patient unhappy. I am very reluctant to criticise another doctor. I know we all study hard and work hard to serve our patients. Nevertheless, as with any field of endeavor, some people are better at some aspects than others; they have more experience, have more specific training, or are more sensitive to a patient's needs. So there are bound to be differences in performance.

With that as background, here's what JT wrote to me about the results of her cosmetic surgery:

“I had an opthalmologist perform a blepharoplasty of both eyelids – complications followed, and then he did a brow lift on one eye causing a major disfigurement of my facial appearance. 

It was time to see a plastic surgeon and I chose Dr. Robert Brueck. His friendly smile, caring personality and reassurances of “I can help you” were comforting and confidence earning. Dr. Brueck did a corneal browlift, repeat blepharoplasty of both eyes and a fat graft injection into a scar. 

Dr. Brueck called me the evening after the surgery to see how I was!! One week after surgery, the results are dramatic. I am pleased with the entire office staff and I would highly recommend Dr. Brueck.”

The point I guess is to be certain that your surgeon is trained at the highest level to do what you want done. Be sure he or she understands you, what you want and your expectations. (This one of the major benefits of consultation and why I do them without charge.) 

I'll leave it at that except to say in good humor, “Please don't ask me to do your cataract surgery”.

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