Thursday, March 11, 2010


We just recently had our own battle with the proposed healthcare legislation from president Obama wanting to institute a tax on cosmetic surgery.

It seems they come up with more and more inventive ways to tax the American people into submission. I think it is wrong and the focus of their efforts should be in cutting spending, frugality and giving the Americans more of their own money that they work hard for each and every day.

Our neighbors to the north have just instituted what they call a harmonized sales tax “hst.” This is a tax that will push up the price of several cosmetic procedures performed in Canada. It is estimated that the cost of a breast augmentation will go up $400 to $800. The tax is scheduled to go into effect July 1 and will tax the cosmetic procedures at 8%.

Not only is it going to affect cosmetic surgery but it will be a dramatic tax hike on services previously exempted from the provincial sales tax in Canada. People using numerous services in the past were subject to only a 5% government sales tax on services such as cosmetic surgery. They now have to pay a total of 13% for what they call a harmonized sales tax. This includes 5% government sales tax plus 8% provincial sales tax.

It is estimated that the cost of home gas and electric bills for Canadians will increase by a measure of $200 to $250 per year. This is sort of reminiscent of cap and trade, which will once again lead to higher cost for the average American.

I think it is time that we regain control of our country, our government and our economy and realize that our freedom is at stake.


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