Monday, May 10, 2010

HOW BOTOX REDUCES WRINKLES from Ft. Myers plastic surgeon, Dr. Brueck

Another in the series of blog messages from Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon practicing in Fort Myers, Florida. This report contains information about Botox injections.

When patients come in and inquire about Botox-Dysport, many of them have misconceptions or have been misinformed regarding the subject.

I tell patients that the injection of the substance causes paralysis of the particular muscle group, which helps eliminate the development of frown lines so many people have between their eyebrows or around their eyes.

Botox does NOT reverse aging or rejuvenate skin. It merely prevents repetitive frowning that causes the wrinkles to become deeper and more pronounced as time goes on.

A recent study done by Dr. Roger Dailey-a professor at Ohio State University, found that after 2 years of treatment with these agents patients could cut the cost and the frequency of the injections that they would normally require.

In his study of 50 women, ages 30 to 50, he found that if the women received injections every 4 months for 2 years the injections could be delayed for up to 6 months and still receive the same results. This would then result in a decrease in the frequency and amount of Botox required.

So there you have it, a nice study that may help you and your planning.

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