Monday, April 19, 2010

BOOBY TRAPS - The air travel hidden bombers?

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I recently went through the security line at the airport in Nashville Tennessee.

In front of me was a flight crew member going through with half a bottle of opened, what I assumed was water. It went through and was not questioned by the TSA agent.

I said to the TSA agent that I thought it was illegal to bring any type of liquids from the outside through security to the gates. He said “yes, but the flight crew members were exempt”. He, the TSA employee, said that the TSA figures they wouldn’t get on a plane that they intended to blow up with themselves on board.

I looked at him in an inquisitive way and in a sense of amazement and said, “Doesn’t the TSA know that there are such creatures as suicide bombers?”

It is amazing how the TSA can be and yet, we are paying for it.

Now word has it that Al-Qaida is equipping female suicide bombers with explosive breast implants. Yes, you’ve heard it correctly, explosive breast implants which are impossible to detect at security check points.

The explosive use in the implants is PETN and as little as 5 ounces can blow a huge hole in a large aircraft causing it to fall from the sky and crash.

There are Al- Qaida surgeons that are trained at British hospitals before returning to their native country to perform their artwork and skills.

But let’s not accuse anyone-after all we need to be politically correct like we were at Fort Hood. We all know the outcome of that.

So the next time you are boarding a plane with a buxom young lady ahead of you, you better beware, she may be a “booby trap”.

What is this world coming to?


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