Tuesday, March 23, 2010


This is one of Dr. Robert Brueck's periodic reflections on cosmetic plastic surgery, including breast augmentation and tummy tucks. Dr. Brueck is a Board Certified plastic surgeon who has been practicing in Fort Myers, Florida for 30 years. His web site, containing comprehensive information about surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures, is located at Beauty-by-Brueck.com


Just imagine if this was the main headline in the News-Press Sunday morning. Wow! The phones would be on fire. The lines waiting for free cosmetic surgery would probably be greater than those for Avatar.

There was a recent article in the military newspaper STARS AND STRIPES about an audit that was conducted by the Pentagon and it was found that 16% of plastic surgery procedures performed by staff plastic surgeons were for cosmetic surgery only. These procedures included breast augmentation, tummy tuck and the like.

Military hospitals were unable to provide billing information on 75% of cosmetic surgery procedures. Apparently it is okay to do cosmetic surgery at a military hospital but the enlisted person is required to pay for the cost out of their own pockets.

It makes me wonder. Our government has become so numb to numbers, it’s only $30 billion or a hundred billion, so what’s wrong with a few cosmetic procedures. After all it’s not billions or even millions its only hundreds of thousands.

Who knows maybe “boot camp” doesn’t look so bad after all.


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