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Over the years there has been a quantum leap in ideas and new technologies to slow down the aging process particularly when it comes to your face.

The aging process may actually be more than “skin only”. Doctors at the University of Rochester, in conjunction with physicians and colleagues at Stanford and Harvard, have shown that there are significant changes in the bone structure of our face as we age. This was particularly true for the jaw bone or the mandible.

The studies computerized tomography scans of the face and noted how the jaw bone changes. They found that there was a significant loss in the volume of the jaw bone.

As the jaw bone loses volume there is less support to the soft tissues of the face hence the sagging.

Wow, aren't you glad we have plastic surgeons to help us out?

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Blogger Dr. Robert Brueck, MD FACS said...

gill - you are right. Any surgical procedure has a risk. Even some injections do. A Board Certified plastic surgeon can tell you if you are a candidate for either, what the benefits may be and what the risks may be. Never go into cosmetic surgery without consulting with me.
My Board Certification and fellowship training exists specifically to reassure patients of best practices.

May 6, 2010 at 11:49 AM  

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