Friday, April 30, 2010

Get a nip. Get a tuck. Get a job. Dr. Brueck observes

Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD, whose web site at Beauty-by-Brueck covers all aspects of plastic surgery, comments on the job scene and cosmetic surgery.

No one would suggest that anyone is hired solely on the basis of their “looks”.

No. The usual criteria for hiring aside from skills, training and experience, are intangibles such as energy levels and confidence.

If you go into a job interview looking tired or worn down, or lacking confidence in your appearance, chances are those criteria will work against you. You could well lose the job to someone who looks more energetic and has a little more bounce in his or her attitude.

As a result, more and more people who are looking for work are taking steps to freshen their appearance and give themselves more confidence in how they present.

A recent report on a Chicago TV station chronicles how hundreds of people in the Chicago area are turning to cosmetic surgery to help them keep or land jobs.

According to the report, Dr. Stephen Dayan, a Chicago plastic surgeon reports that 10% to 15% of his patients now request treatments to help them do better in the workplace.

We are seeing the same trend here in Southwest Florida. Men and women, who are feeling the hot breath of competition down the backs of their necks, are considering some type of surgical or non-surgical cosmetic treatment to improve their competitive position, strengthen their hold on current employment or gain an edge in the search for a job.

One case of interest is that of a bartender who was so impressed with the results of her facial rejuvenation that she volunteered to provide a video testimonial. She explicitly says that she didn’t feel that she could compete with younger women in the environment if she allowed herself to look “like someone’s grandmother”.

You can view her video here.

In addition, as reported here earlier, men as well as women all over the country are considering face lifts, eyelid lifts, and other lifts, including the emotional lift from Botox and other filler injections that make them look more energetic and ready to work.

If you are wondering how to invest in your employability this year, give me a call and let’s talk about your options. The consultation will be free – no charge - and without any further obligation.

What do you have to lose?

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