Monday, June 27, 2011

Buyer Beware - A cautionary tale from Dr. Brueck

This is the blog of Dr. Robert J. Brueck, MD, Board Certified plastic surgeon. Dr. Brueck practices in his licensed plastic surgery center in Fort Myers Florida. Here he comments on the folly of seeking "cheap" surgery and going ahead with it despite having no knowledge of the surgeon, his training or his credentials. For a complete statement of Dr. Brueck's medical education and training, including his Board Certification, visit his website at

There are many axioms in the English language. One that comes to mind is the proverbial, "if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn't true". As we ride through this terrible economy, another prudent saying is, “buyer beware.” This has been proven to never be now than ever.

People are always looking for “the deal.” But in your search for the perfect deal you may come up short or even dead.

In South Carolina, a boutique owner was arrested following the near death of one of her clients from a botched buttock lift/implant. The patient was a woman from New Jersey who sought out the procedure. Michelle Rosa apparently flies doctor’s in from outside the country to perform their procedures in her salon or boutique.

So the "he said, she said" continues and the finger pointing and blame continues on.

But a simple question – why would ANYONE (looking for a deal) have a major cosmetic procedure performed in a boutique by a doctor they don’t even know?

Yes, a boutique. Not a licensed surgery center. It is simply a recipe for disaster. Truly, buyer beware.

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