Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Plastic Surgery -

When anyone undergoes plastic surgery it is essential that prospective patients select a board certified plastic surgeon. Secondly, make sure the operating room is fully licensed and credentialed.

Recently a Davie Fl. Woman – 38 years old – lost her life following liposuction to her waist, and fat injections to her buttocks. The fat was removed from around her waist – then injected into her buttocks to enlarge it. At autopsy, large – 1 cm. pieces of fat were found in her lungs. As a plastic surgeon who has performed liposuction in the past, I wonder how pieces as large as 1 cm. could have been injected. I don’t understand unless the surgeon used large cannulas and injection needles. Also the facility where the surgery was performed was not licensed to have such procedures performed there. So check out your doctor by all means and at the same time check out WHERE the surgery will be performed.


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