Saturday, February 25, 2012


After a hard day's work or a long mentally draining day, (the kind of demanding day a plastic surgeon goes through, LOL), there is nothing like a good, firm, relaxing massage.

A new research study has revealed there is more to a massage than meets the eye. It seems a massage can affect our genes that lead to healing of our muscles.

Scientists took eleven volunteers and placed them on a stationary bike and had them ride until they were totally exhausted. They then massaged one of each volunteers thighs for 10 minutes.

The results? The thigh that was massaged found that the genes associated with inflammatory/soreness were three times
less active. The massage also increased, by 30%, the gene that creates mitochondria which increase energy/healing.

So maybe the next time your get a massage, the $50 or $60 you "lay out" maybe money well spent.

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