Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Video Games. Good, bad or what?

Sometimes, the things I write about on my Fort Myers cosmetic surgery blog are very serious. Sometimes they are just curious.

I have always been a big opponent of video games. To me, they are a useless nonsensical waste of valuable time. Heck, you could be golfing – reading a good book – doing something productive. But I recently read an article that caused me to pause and re-examine my position.

Video games, according to recent research can change a persons brain in a very POSITIVE way.

Individuals can improve hand-eye coordination (any surgeons out there?). Also, playing action games can speed up one's decision making ability by 25%. Video game players can make choices and act on them four times faster than most people.

Also, seasoned video game players can concentrate on 6 things at once. Some of this research was conducted at Rochester University.

However, there can be downsides as well. Studies done on some compulsive gamers shows they can be introverts, maybe depressed and overweight. I guess in the end there may be merit in the saying “moderation in all things”.

One amazing thing to me was that there are scientists/psychologists who spend their lives studying the effects of “gaming” on individuals lives. That would be a great “occupation” to stump the panel on the old, I mean really old, T.V. game show, “What’s My Line?


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