Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Brueck comments on Fat.

Dr. Robert J. Brueck regularly blogs on interesting developments
in the field of health and cosmetic surgery.

Fat is an interesting word.

It can mean the substance that all of us eat in our normal daily diet such as steak, potato chips, French fries; you name it we eat it.

Or it can be used to describe you or me. Are we fat?

I think that every one of us, including me, has dieted at one time or another. It is hard to find that individual who “never grows around the mid section”. My roommate at medical school was one of those individuals. No matter how many banana splits Steve ate his weight never changed.

I recently read an article in the Wall Street Journal discussing being “fat”.

It seems that recent research shows that people who are 10 to 15 pounds overweight are NOT necessarily at an increased risk to die from cancer or heart disease. For example people in their 70’s who were a little plump had a longer life span over a 10 year time frame. Boy, I would fit right in right now.

Also, it seems a few extra pounds can help your bones fight off osteoporosis. Also a little extra weight can make a person’s face “appear younger”.

I now probably volumize the face. Many of the face lifts that I perform, I remove fat from the abdominal section, prepare it and then inject into the face in order to create a fuller more youthful look. I probably do this 20% to 30% or more of the time when I am doing a face lift.

I believe the fuller look is a more youthful look.

But then again having a few extra pounds means that you are cultivating stem cells for future use. Perhaps stem cell face lifts will be the thing of the future.

In the end it is not about having a few extra pounds. It is about what you eat and getting a moderate amount of exercise every week. So let the pounds fall where they may, enjoy, go at it and peace to all!!


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