Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This is a another in Dr. Robert J. Brueck's series of newsworthy blogs about cosmetic surgery and related subjects. Dr. Brueck is a Fort Myers FL plastic surgeon

In this new age everything is hi-tech – hi-tech phones – hi-tech T.V.’s – hi-tech cars – now it’s time for hi-tech facials.

The three new hi-tech facials are:

Oxygen facial: This involves a blast of oxygen on your face. This oxygen heals bacteria and the “blast of fresh air” drives a serum placed on your face into the underlying skin creating softer, more moist skin.

Ultrasound facial: The ultrasound is used with water to first cleanse the skin. Once done a moisturizing cream/serum is then placed on the skin and is driven into the deeper layers with the ultrasound head.

Microcurrent facial: A small electric current is applied to your face with 2 electrodes. This will stretch and relax your facial muscles. Usually you do weekly treatments for 8-10 weeks and then a maintenance of once every 2-4 weeks.

So, there you have the latest in hi-tech facials. The face of a brave new world.

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