Tuesday, February 23, 2010

"Miracle Drug" May Treat Breast Cancer - Dr. Brueck, Fort Myers Breast Surgeon Reports

This report by Dr. Robert J. Brueck, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon
in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, is one in a series presenting news which comes to Dr. Brueck's attention and may be of medical interest to his patients.

At one time, promoters of aspirin and its manifold therapeutic values described the little white pill as a "miracle drug". Now it appears there may be another therapeutic achievement of aspirin.

A recent report in the Journal of Oncology was based on a study called the Nurses’ Health Study, done at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

It covered a group of women who were diagnosed with breast cancer and included over 4,000 participants. The study occurred from 1976 to 2002, with a follow up continued in 2006.

It was interesting because they found that women who consumed 2 to 5 tablets of aspirin a week had a lower incidence of recurrence and it decreased their risk of dying from the disease by 50%.

The question becomes what effect did the aspirin have?

Epidemiologists at Harvard who were part of this study say that more data is needed and more studies are needed. They don’t really understand why this association occurs but it is a very important study and there may be some beneficial effects from taking aspirin if you have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Many individuals take aspirin because they have arthritis or are concerned about clotting following MI’s so aspirin may have more benefits than we realize and it is one of the cheapest pharmaceuticals that you can buy over the counter.

The article appeared in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. It was called the Nurses’ Health Study.

Stay tuned. More will be coming. I think it is a very important study and may have some impact of women who suffer from breast cancer.


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Thursday, February 11, 2010

PHYSICAL MARVEL - On human growth hormone by Dr. Brueck, plastic surgeon

We have Marvel comic book heroes. They surround us each and every day. We are very familiar with them since they have been popularized in movies of late.

In real life many of us strive to be that “Marvel specimen”. Many people have resorted to the miracle drug; HUMAN GROWTH HORMONE.

Many of my patients have asked me about it in the past and I did some research on it but for some reason I never pulled the trigger. I guess I decided to age sans growth hormone.

They do say sometimes that aging can be graceful and beautiful, I don’t know why but for some people that seems to be the case.

A recent study done at Johns Hopkins University showed that growth hormone levels did NOT affect the life span positively or negatively.

The lead researcher in this study was Dr. Roberto Salvatori, in the department of endocrinology. He found that even people with severely DEFICIENT levels of growth hormone appeared to live as long as people with normal levels.

There was a similar study done at Stanford University in 2007 that encompassed 220 healthy individuals. They found no evidence that growth hormone levels positive or minus promoted anti aging.

I guess we have to be a little more cautious when we sit down at the breakfast table and have an extra bowl of the breakfast of champions.


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SLEEP YOUR WRINKLES AWAY - Skin Care news from Dr. Brueck, Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Robert Brueck scours the news for the latest information about cosmetic surgery, which he posts here when he finds it. Read on, and make a point to set up an RSS feed of the blog so you won't miss any future issues.

Sleep Your Wrinkles Away?

Now that’s what I call progress! Imagine going to bed at night knowing that when you wake up in the morning your wrinkles will be fewer and less pronounced.

WOW! There may be a modicum of truth in the old adage, to get your beauty rest.

A company by the name of Copron based in Israel produces pillow cases that contain copper oxide infused into the fibers of the pillow cases. The director of research Dr. Gadi Borkow did a blind study: some women slept on normal pillow cases and the others slept on the copper oxide pillows.

He stated that there was a statistically significant difference in the 2 groups. The study included 57 women. They were evaluated only at 2 and 4 weeks. The women with the copper oxide pillows had fewer fine lines and overall improvement in their skin.

More work and studies are currently on their way and maybe next year’s resolution will be to get more beauty rest. Intriguing.

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