Thursday, January 27, 2011

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Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS, is a respected Fort Myers expert on tummy tucks and mommy-makeovers, He regularly comments on these and other matters of health and appearance here and on his web site,, which can be accessed through the above link.

Now, you'll also find me answering questions and giving interviews on
Here's the link.

The Tummy Tuck page also links to before-and-after photos that give some idea of what to expect from a tummy tuck. Of course, all result as are individual and there is no guarantee of identical results.

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Dr. Robert Brueck, MD, FACS

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

GREAT STORY - New Drug for Breast Cancer

Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD, Fort Myers cosmetic surgeon, frequently blogs here about matters of health, skin care, medicine and cosmetic surgery. Additional information health and cosmetic surgery procedures may be found at Dr. Brueck's website,

Drug research and development is a very expensive frustrating and in many cases rewarding endeavor. Many of our current "miracle Drugs" have a very unique and interesting beginning.

One such story involves a new drug recently approved by the FDA for breast cancer by the name of Haloven (equally interesting is how they get these names).

Haloven comes from a compound called halicondrin B which was isolated from a black sponge that lives off of the coast of Japan. This substance was found to block cell division in a somewhat unique way. Collaboration between researchers of the National Cancer Institute and Eisai of Japan led to commercial production of Haloven which is one of the most complex small molecule drugs ever made commercially.

Many drugs derived from nature can have nasty side effects and damage normal cells. Researchers study a disease process and then look for "targeted" drugs to interrupt or change the path of development.

Some of the more common drugs you may know have their origin in "nature."

Aspirin comes from willow bark. The active ingredient in salicylic acid. Malaria has been in the news a lot and one of the more common remedies in glunine which comes form the bark of the cinchona tree. Taxol, a very common drug used to treat breast cancer comes form the Pacific yen tree.

So you never know what treasure lies in your backyard waiting to be discovered.

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AGING - It appears to be in your bones.

Another in a series of blog postings by Fort Myers Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS of Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida. For more information about cosmetic surgery procedures available in fort Myers, visit Dr. Breuck's web site,

Aging is something I deal with every day.

Women come in and say my friend Brenda is 10 years older than me, but she looks younger than me. Why is that?

There are so many factors such as sun exposure, genes and the list goes on. For some it's simple, wrinkles and loose skin. But now we can add a new player in the game of facial aging: your facial skeleton.

Researchers at the University of Rochester studied the facial skeleton of 3 age groups. Included were young (20-40's), middle age (41-64) and older (65 and up -I say more mature).

One finding was that the orbit, which contains our eyes, widens and lengthens as we age. The length and height of the mandible decreases with age.

These changes occur sooner in women than in men. That may help to explain in part why men seem to "age better."

It also helps explain why I "volumize" the soft tissue of my patients filler with their own fat and stem cells.

Please visit the website of Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS at for more information on matters of aging and cosmetic surgery.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS reports regularly on developments in health, medicine and cosmetic surgery. Additional thoughts on cosmetic surgery by Fort Myers plastic surgeon, Dr. Brueck, may be found at his web site,

Who knows what will come in the next century. Certain goals, certain desires seem to survive the hands of time. One that I see in my practice everyday is weight loss. If ever there was something most people face as a challenge is to shed those extra pounds. Another is the appearance of cellulite.

Well we soon may have a new weapon in the battle of the bulge - Fat Dissolving Injections.

Years ago, there was a lot of hype about Meso Therapy and Fat Dissolving Injections. For some, they worked, but for many it was a tremendous let down. One area in which it worked was the area of fat under the chin on the "turkey gobble" neck.

But as the fat melted away the patient was left with an empty sac of loose hanging skin. Also, there were so many available drugs or pharmaceuticals available to inject in the soft tissues or fat of the body. The doses to be chosen and the combination of agents possible were unlimited so what might work on one person might not work on someone else.

But now Kythera Biopharmaceuticals in Los Angeles is conducting phase 3 studies to evaluate a product called ATX-101 which is an injectable for dissolving substance.

Stage 3 studies mean they are advanced and may soon yield results that may be available to patients in the not to distant future. The studies are for submental or chin fat removal. They have involved 720 patients in various European countries. They performed a similar study last year, 2010 here in the United States.

Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD, FACS is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Ft. Myers and Cape Coral, FL. Visit his website at to learn more about him or other procedures he does.

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Dr. Robert Brueck MD FACS, a Ft. Myers Board Certified Plastic Surgeon, frequently blogs about different matters of health and beauty. You can also visit his website at

I guess if men were to have a holy grail of what they would like, it probably would be thick, bushy hair. I know, I'm one of them. For women it's the age old problem of cellulite.

But men despair no more, hope lies on the horizon.

A new study done recently shows that areas of baldness may not be void of follicle stem cells. For years it was thought that hair follicles were absent in bald areas. New research dispels that belief.

Indeed, bald men have a normal number of follicle stem cells, but the bald spots lack progenitor cells. The way it works is stem cells-progenitor hair. So some how, someway we need to "wake up" the stem cells to continue their way toward a full, bushy head of hair. More will follow, so stay tuned.

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Another in Dr. Robert j. Brueck MD FACS's series of blogs on subjects of medicine, health, cosmetic surgery and youthful appearance. Dr. Brueck posts more about these subjects on his plastic surgery web site at Beauty-by-Brueck

Plastic surgery is a sub-specialty that has evolved over the centuries.

During the great World War much progress was made in the development of plastic surgery as a recognized surgical sub-specialty. A rare book dealing with plastic surgery was recently purchased at an auction in England.

The book was published in 1597 and was entitled "De Curtorium Chirurgia Per Inritionem." It was written by Gaspare Tagliacozzi, who was a professor of surgery and anatomy at Bologna University.

One of the diagrams in the book shows a patient with a flap from their upper inner arm attached to their nose.

This attachment of the patient's nose to their upper arm had to remain in place for about 3 weeks. Then the flap was separated and inset in the nose to reconstruct it. A true classic!

By the way, if you are looking for something special and unusual for that special person in your life, it was sold at auction for about $17,000.00

This fore-runner to modern rhinoplasty, more commonly known as "nose jobs", has evolved into countless procedures that have made life more enjoyable for individuals with unattractively shaped noses. As one of the most prominent features on a face, a beautiful, aesthetically proportioned nose can be an asset in life.

Happy New Year.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dr. Brueck in TV Syndication

Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS regularly blogs at this place on the internet about subjects related to health, skin, medicine and cosmetic surgery. He also covers these subjects on his web site at

If you have been following my blog messages about American Health Journal you may have noticed that the show was scheduled to go into syndication. This means it is being shown in other markets.

Here's the schedule for this week (January 10) and next week (January 24).

San Diego, CA - My Network 13 -Sunday at 11 AM
Houston, TX - KHOU - M-Th at 7 to 8 AM
Beaumont, TX - CBS 6 - Sunday at 11:05 PM
Salt Lake City, UT - CBS - Sunday at 7:00 AM
Knoxville, TN - 10 News 2 - Saturday at 4:30 PM
Gainesville, FL - WNBW/NBC - Saturday at Noon
Gainesville, FL - My Network - Sunday at 9 AM
Palm Springs, CA - CBS 2 - Saturday at 3:30 PM & Sunday at 5:30 AM
Lafayette, LA - ThisTV- Saturday at 9 AM & Sunday at 9 AM
Alexandria, LA - CW5 - Sunday at 9 AM

For the remainder of this week, the subject will be Lip Implants.

For the week of January 24, I'll be talking about "Mommy Makeovers".

If you are in any of these locations or have friends there, make sure they know to tune in for Dr. Brueck's American Health Journal appearances.

Thank you.

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Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD FACS, a Ft. Myers Board Certified Plastic Surgeon frequently blogs about matters of health and beauty. Stay posted to see what's coming next.

This coming year will see an increase in the popularity of fillers for facial rejuvenation. This is due to the fact there will be many new injectable products to hit the market.

There also will be a gradual improvement in the economy which will help to fuel this increased growth. Also, facial cosmetic surgical procedures will also grow because of the improving economy. I think fillers will always be popular because people are drawn to something that is non surgical. We'll keep you posted as new products hit the market.

Happy New Year!!


Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dr. Brueck, Ft Myers plastic surgeon describes his Lunchtime Lift (c)

Dr. Robert J. Brueck, Board Certified aesthetic surgeon practicing in Fort Myers and Cape Coral Florida, regularly blogs here on subjects of health, medicine and plastic surgery. His work also is displayed at

Because not everyone has the need, time or money for a full face lift, I created a shorter procedure, taking about three hours to complete, or about as long as a leisurely luncheon.

I call this my Lunchtime Lift (c).

During a recent appearance on the American Health Journal TV show, I was asked to describe what is involved with a Lunchtime Lift.

The following is a video recording of that appearance. While reasonably complete, it is constrained by the amount broadcast time available. If you would like to know more, you can visit my web site or call me at 239-939-5233. I or my staff will be happy to answer additional questions.

The Lunchtime Lift (c) has become so popular that another plastic surgeon in the area has been referring to it in his advertising. You learn about the real thing from Dr. Brueck, however.

PS: It occurs to me that the start of a new year is a suitable time to look at making a new you. Whether it is facial rejuvenation or body contouring with various lifts, implants, liposuction or tummy tucks, putting yourself in the hands of a Board Certified plastic surgeon can take years off your appearance and add substantially to your self-confidence.

May your 2011 be filled with joy and prosperity.

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