Monday, September 24, 2012

Romance and Diet

Here at my Florida plastic surgery practice, we soon will be releasing information on some diets we will make available to our patients.  

Obesity is for sure a medical epidemic and worsening.  

Now, some researchers at Cornell University found that people who ate at a Hardees restaurant with dim lights, candles on the table and soft music left about 175 more calories unconsumed on their plates versus those patrons who ate at a loud, bright noisy Hardees.  

Maybe when you have your evening meal, you should add a little romance to keep the calories down.


Sunday, September 23, 2012

Teen obesity is on the rise.  Some estimates say that as many as 50% of teens are obese or over weight.  I think our diet and lifestyle are the reasons why.  

As a Fort Myers and Cape Coral Plastic Surgeon, with 30-plus years of practice behind me, I still think back to my days as a young kid growing up in Chicago  We were outside playing until the sun went down and my Mom called us in to take our baths.  

Today, kids sit down and play video games or text on their cellphones.  

Gentech Pharmaceuticals, the makers of PhenTabz Rx now have a new product called PhenTabz Teen.  It is taken the same as regular PhenTabz.  It performs two functions.  It increases the body’s metabolic rate.  It also suppresses one’s appetite.  

It may be just what the doctor ordered.

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Thursday, September 20, 2012

How do YOU see yourself?

A study of how women perceive themselves when they look in the mirror has revealed interesting  changes in perceptions of facial features as women age. The full findings are published in “Mirror on the Wall: A Study of Women’s Perception of Facial Features as They Age,” appearing in the May issue of Aesthetic Surgery Journal.

With Facial aesthetic treatments among the most popular cosmetic procedures around the world, researches asked hte question, "Why do so many women want to change what they see in the mirror?"
In addition, what do they most like or dislike about their faces? 
A group of Turkish researchers found that: 
1. Among women in their 20s, the nose and skin were what women focused on most and most desired to change, 
2. For women in their 30s and 40s the skin and the area around the eyes (periorbital region) were the main areas of concern. 
3. For women in their 50s, the periorbital region and jawline were the primary facial focal points.
“We wanted to better understand why patients desire to alter their facial features. What is it that leads them to seek so-called perfection?” said lead author Billur Sezgin, MD, of Gazi University in Ankara, Turkey. “We found that many women are not at peace with what they see in the mirror. When women look in the mirror, they primarily focus on the parts of their face they most dislike or desire to change. Not surprisingly, this dissatisfaction is the strongest motivator for seeking facial aesthetic treatments.”
As a cosmetic surgeon practicing in Fort Myers and Cape coral, Florida, I find my patients tend to fit the same interest profile.
“This study is very interesting because it clearly shows that most women tend to compare their appearance to that of younger women,” wrote Foad Nahai, MD, Editor-in-Chief of Aesthetic Surgery Journal
According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), women in the U.S. had nearly 8.4 million cosmetic procedures performed in 2011, a large percentage of which involved the face.

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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Another Patient Recommendation is an independent, third-party service that invites cosmetic surgery patients to review and evaluate the surgeon who provided their surgery. Since the experieince of other patients is one of the most reliable criteria for choosing your plastic surgeon, we are proud and happy to receive them. Here's a recent one: 

Lower Facelift - Fort Myers, FL

17 Sep 2012

My Doctor: Robert Brueck, MD
My rating: 
Referral from several friends and several consultations with him. He made you feel at ease and he is very caring. Dr. Brueck and his staff are wonderful. They are very caring and compassionate. I had a lower facelift about a year ago and I love it. Two other friends have gone to him also and are very pleased. I called his office several times after surgery, and Shia was always there to answer all questions and put your concerns to rest.
Doctor's Bedside Manner - 5 stars
Answered My Questions - 5 stars
After Care Follow-Up - 5 stars
Time Spent With Me - 5 stars
Phone or Email Responsiveness - 5 stars
Staff Professionalism & Courtesy - 5 stars
Payment Process - 5 stars
Wait Times - 5 stars

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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

How do female breasts "age"?

As a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers and Cape Coral, Florida, I am regularly asked by women, "How do I keep my breasts from aging.  How can I keep them young looking?"

A recent report in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal had a fascinating study of 161 sets of identical twins.  

The study was done at Case Western Reserve in Cleveland.  What did they learn?  

1. Twins who moisturized their breasts everyday had fewer wrinkles.  

2. Women who received hormone replacement therapy after menopause had a more attractive breast shape, areolar shape and projection.  

3. Women who breast-fed had less attractive shape and nipple areolar size/shape. 

PS: No one wants to discourage breast-feeding. It certainly has benefits that go beyond the shape and appearance of aging breasts. But facts are facts and should be reported as such. I want my patients well informed, but I leave the choice to you.

If you ever have any questions about any of my blog messages, please email me at 

or join the conversation at

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Monday, September 17, 2012

Home Laser Hair Removal

As a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers, I often see ads in spa journals or even the Wall Street Journal for the use of home lasers for hair removal.  

Like so many things we are asked to buy, they’re duds.  This may not be.

A new study recently reviewed a home use diode Laser for hair removal and found it to be effective after an average of 8 treatments.  The study was done by Dr. Ron Wheeland from the University of Missouri (oh! A new member of the SEC) 

Hair removal was complete for 31% of patients. There was mild redness and some swelling associated with the treatments. 

Dr Wheeland has some financial ties to the company TRIA beauty! Check it out

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Another 5-star review AVVO

·   Since I consider "word-of-mouth" to be the absolute best source of information when selecting a plastic surgeon in Fort Myers, FL, I like to post occasional ones to this blog when they arrive. I also post them on a page on my website, so readers can look at past reviews as well as current ones.

    This one just came through from AVVO:

    "I recommend Robert Brueck. Last visit was 1 month ago. Average wait time was 10 minutes. Dr. Brueck was recommended to me for a breast implant replacement. After 16 years mine collapsed. He was very nurturing and kind explaining what needed to be done. In less than a week from my first appointment I was having surgery. The results are OUTSTANDING. It is better than my first one. If other problems arise in the future, I would absolutely return to Dr. Brueck!"

If you have review of your experience with Dr. Brueck, please post it as a comment here.


Monday, September 3, 2012

It's all about confidence

I received the thank you note reproduced below a few days ago.

"I really wanted to thank you for helping me out with the miraDry procedure . I am just heading home from a conference where I came home each night with completely unstained dress shirts. It's hard to explain how shocking and unbelieveable it is for me. It's also quite liberating not to have to worry about embarrassment via pit stains at all. It has already helped my confidence and will probably soon expand by clothing horizons considerably. I can't thank you enough..."

I am sharing this on my blog because it reminded me of an underlying purpose  of and benefit from everything I do. Sure, my web site is labelled "Beauty-by-Brueck" and many of the procedures I do result in the restoration or augmentation of a patient's natural, God-given beauty. But the real change is the inner glow radiated by a person when she or he feels real good about how they look. As a result, they stand straighter, walk with a bounce in their steps, are more ready to speak out in meetings and conversation, rather than holding back.

The miraDry procedure referenced above, however, is different. It is a non-invasive, almost pain-free procedure I perform in my office in about an hour or less. It use digital impulses to disable underarm sweat glands. You can read more about it here. My point is that the elimination of excessive underarm sweating (called hyperhidrosis) allows people who formerly suffered from it to be more confident in meetings, conversations, even in sport events. The previously embarrassing sweat stains are no more. There are other benefits too, including preserving your wardrobe and having tops and shirts last much longer. But, at the bottom, it's the confidence that comes from being able to function in public without worrying about unsightly sweat stains.

If it is problem you have, you don't have to resign yourself to it. Give me a call (239-939-5233) or email my aesthetic assistant ( to arrange a free consultation.

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