Monday, November 28, 2011

Does estrogen make you "smarter"?

Another curious finding from the media research of Dr. Robert Brueck MD, Fort Myers Cosmetic Surgeon, who blogs here regularly

Apparently, women who have gone through menopause show an increase in gray matter as a result of estrogen therapy.

24 women were studied at Vanderbilt University and the University of Vermont – half got estrogen and half got a placebo (nothing).

Using MRI screening, the women receiving estrogen showed an increased volume of gray matter. Many previous studies confirmed that decreasing levels of estrogen affect visual and verbal memory function.

Think about it.

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

More evidence, if any is needed, of the evils of smoking

Once again, Dr. Robert Brueck MD, Fort Myers plastic surgeon, offers blog news about a subject of medical importance

It is so surprising to still see so many people who smoke when new research brings to light complications due to smoking.

A recent article in the Journal of Orthopedic Trauma showed that complications from surgical repair of ankle fractures was greater in smokers. Complications like infection were five times greater in smokers, compared to non-smokers.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Another bit of health related information from Dr. Robert Brueck MD, Fort Myers Florida cosmetic surgeon.

More than 13,000 people die every year from a brain tumor known as glioblastoma.

According to a recent article in the journal, Molecular Therapy, scientists in Ohio utilized a herpes simplex virus type 2 and converted it into a “killer” virus. The virus was engineered to replicate in cells with high levels of restin which is found in malignant glioblastoma cells.

Mice treated with the “killer virus” were tumor free at 80 days while control mice died in about 20-53 days.

More studies are needed but so far – so good.

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Sparing the nipple is okay.

This is another message from blogger Dr. Robert Brueck MD, who practices plastic surgery in Fort Myers.

Plastic surgeons were always concerned that sparing the nipple during mastectomy may cause a greater recurrence following breast cancer surgery.

A recent article in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery reports that 20 years of research shows there is NO greater incidence of breast cancer in nipple sparing mastectomies.

This technique however is not right for all women. Women with more advanced cancer or large pendulous breasts may require a standard mastectomy.

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Does materialism equal wedded bliss?

In his blog, Dr. Robert Brueck MD, Fort Myers Florida plastic surgeon, deals with a range of subjects, including human relationships. After all, the objective of cosmetic surgery is to make people happier. Here's a different perspective on what makes people happy.

Today, in modern society, the divorce rate is all too high. It has effected everyone of us – family, close friends have all suffered from it. There are many pressures placed on “couples” today and, with this horrible economy, money is certainly in the game.

A recent study of 1700 U.S. couples by researchers at BYU University and William Patterson University studied couples to determine what effect “money” had on their relationships.

Results were interesting. Couples who said money was NOT that important scored about 10-15% better on measures of the quality of a relationship. Basically the more couples emphasized the value of money, the quality of their relationship fell.

The importance of materialism may lead to couples making poor financial decisions – overspending, thus creating a strain on their relationship.

I guess it is simple – DON’T spend what you DON’T have. Maybe we should send that message to our Senators and Congresspersons and by the way – our President too.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lips get seviced at the FDA

This is a "good news" message from Dr. Robert Brueck MD, Fort Myers FL plastic surgeon. Nice, for a change, eh?

How does the song go? You better not cry. Better not pout.

But a lot of women really like that pouty-lip look. Or at least a bit of it.


So, here's the news.

The FDA has finally put its stamp of approval on the use of Restylane for lip augmentation.

The study leading up to this approval involved 180 patients. The results showed that Restylane was effective for up to 6 months in augmenting the upper and lower lips.

Well, it took a little while – but what doesn’t when the government is involved?

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Discounts vs. promotions? Or just plain competence?

Regular readers know that Dr. Robert J. Brueck MD. Fort Myers Plastic Surgeon, periodically blogs here about matters relating to plastic surgery and health. Why not set up an RSS feed of this blog so you miss any of them?

Our British counterparts – The British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons – recently did a comparison of marketing tools/techniques by their members vs. their counterparts here in America.

They found that clinics were 2 times more likely to offer financial incentives such as prize drawings, multi-procedure discounts, or special rewards for booking surgery such as studio photo shoots.

I think this speaks to the tough economic times we all face – here – Europe – anywhere. Like their counterparts here in America they have seen an alarming increase in non-plastic surgeons cashing in on the new cosmetic industry.

These difficult times certainly warrant prospective patients to be more cautious and diligent in their search for a cosmetic surgeon.

Coupons are great but experience matters more.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This is a another in Dr. Robert J. Brueck's series of newsworthy blogs about cosmetic surgery and related subjects. Dr. Brueck is a Fort Myers FL plastic surgeon

In this new age everything is hi-tech – hi-tech phones – hi-tech T.V.’s – hi-tech cars – now it’s time for hi-tech facials.

The three new hi-tech facials are:

Oxygen facial: This involves a blast of oxygen on your face. This oxygen heals bacteria and the “blast of fresh air” drives a serum placed on your face into the underlying skin creating softer, more moist skin.

Ultrasound facial: The ultrasound is used with water to first cleanse the skin. Once done a moisturizing cream/serum is then placed on the skin and is driven into the deeper layers with the ultrasound head.

Microcurrent facial: A small electric current is applied to your face with 2 electrodes. This will stretch and relax your facial muscles. Usually you do weekly treatments for 8-10 weeks and then a maintenance of once every 2-4 weeks.

So, there you have the latest in hi-tech facials. The face of a brave new world.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A NEW DIET - Let's not throw cold water on it.

Here's another blog of interest from Dr. Robert Brueck, Fort Myers cosmetic surgeon. You can read more about Dr. Brueck at

I guess one has to ask themselves, "when was the last time or day a 'new' diet wasn’t discovered?" Diets fill all kinds of bookshelves at Barnes and Noble and Books a Million.

Now – lets hear the drum roll – there is a “NEW” diet. It is the new “ICE WATER DIET’.

Researchers have found that by drinking cold water you burn more calories. A study revealed that drinking cold water was thermogenic and increased resting energy expenditures, ie: you burn more calories.

So I guess the ice machine will have to work overtime! Glad I don’t live in the tundra.

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