Monday, February 23, 2009

Plastic Surgery - What is Malasse-Zia Globosa?

Do you have “Malasse-Zia Globosa”?

What is it? Where does it come from?

Sounds like some dreaded disease from the tropics but it could be the culprit in causing dandruff.

Read on:

In 2007, a team of Procter & Gamble researchers published results using genetic technology to sequence the genes of the 'dreaded' Malasse-Zia Globosa fungus. This is a fungus that grows on everyone’s scalp (yuk) but can cause dandruff on those individuals who have an inflammatory response to it.

Because of this, P&G has reformulated its famous Head and Shoulders shampoo to improve its performance. Researchers are looking into how its genetic make-up interacts with genes in humans. They are looking into how the fungus changes its genetic expressions when it is on someone’s scalp.

The above research was recently published in the Journal, “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences." P&G researchers have published papers in about 40 peer-reviewed journals. This allows them to recruit top notch scientists to advance science and come up with new and innovative consumer products.

They are now conducting genetic research on gingivitis (inflammation of the gums) and their hope is this will improve on the well-known Crest toothpaste and Oral B toothbrushes.

This research is carrying over into the development of new skin care products. They are looking into how skin reacts at the molecular level to product ingredients and environmental changes, as well.

P&G’s main competitor, L’Oreal SA claims its Lancome Genifigure is the “first to apply protein testing to skin care,” based on their analysis of 4,400 genes. Another company using genetic technology is Estee Lauder. All the companies are looking into comparisons of old skin to new skin to see what molecular responses to ingredients are necessary to make old skin act like younger, more youthful skin.

So, the next time you go to the store to buy some skin cream realize there may have been countless number of scientists spending thousands of hours researching what will make it better.

Skin care is definitely going “hi-tech”.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Plastic Surgery - Buyer Beware

Buyer Beware!

How many times have we seen this warning... these words?

With tough economic times, truer words were never spoken. As a Board Certified plastic surgeon, I have sounded the warning a long time ago and now I am sounding it again.

I read with great interest an article that was published recently (2/17/09) in the Wall Street Journal. The article's title was, "What to know before going under the liposuction knife".

Liposuction remains, perhaps the most common cosmetic surgical procedure being performed.

On the swank and beautiful Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California, a busy and booming cosmetic surgery business was created by Dr. Craig Alan Bittner. With fancy ads, commercials and promos, he became known as Dr. Lipo 90210.

In December, 2008 Dr. Bittner shut down his thriving practice amidst much controversy. The California Board of Medicine is looking into allegations that Dr. Bittner allowed unlicensed office staff to perform surgery. Search warrants were issued and an investigation is now underway.

Dr. Bittner was most controversial because he used fat from his patients to fuel his car! That's right. He published this unorthodox use of body fat to power his car on his now defunct web site,

Because of these difficult economic times, more and more non-plastic surgeons are resorting to performing cosmetic surgeries, for which they are not certified. Many non-plastic surgeons attend weekend seminars, watch DVDs, invest heavily in marketing and go for it.

In their ads, they may say "board certified". The question is , board certified in what? Podiatry? Internal Medicine? What board?

Dr. Bittner graduated from Johns Hopkins and was board certified in interventional radiology, a field totally unrelated to plastic surgery. He got his liposuction training from a two-month apprenticeship with a dermatologist in South Florida.

To perform liposuction, a person needs to be a doctor but isn't required to have any special licensing or certification, such as being board certified in plastic surgery.

According to Dr. Bittner, he faces four malpractice suits. In a farewell letter to his patients, left on his web site, he told them he was relocating to a small clinic in South America, "where I can help those most in need."

I guess you do get what you pay for, or some times, less than what you pay for. That's why I say Buyer Beware! Ask questions, Talk to former patients. Ask how many case the doctor has done. What is the doctor's training.

If board certified, certified by which board? Haste can make waste. Not taking the time to check a doctor's credentials, experience and reputation can result in a catastrophe.

To learn more about all aspects of facial, breast and body plastic surgery, and about Dr. Brueck's experience, credentials and certification, visit

Thank you for your time.

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Depression: Is milk the cure?

A group of 1282 men and women between the ages of 65 and 95 were recently studied at the Vrige University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

They found that low levels of Vitamin D and high levels of parathyroid hormone (the hormone released from the parathyroid that helps regulate calcium levels in the blood) were correlated with higher rates of depression.

In the study group they found that people with major or minor depression had Vitamin D levels that were 14% lower and parathyroid hormone levels 5% (minor) and 33% (major depression) higher.
They concluded that boosting Vitamin D, either by supplement or increased exposure to sunlight, may have a positive effect on your mood.

So, maybe a glass of milk a day isn't all bad - but, oh, that cholesterol. Maybe taking a Vitamin D pill is better after all.

Another thing that can affect you mood is how you feel about how you look. If a cosmetic procedure, surgical or non-surgical, can make you feel better about your appearance, it may be worth considering.
Read about the options at Dr. Brueck's web site, Beauty-by-Brueck,
or arrange a free consultation to learn more.

Short Arms – Long Legs - Who Cares?

We truly do live in an information age. Researchers are gathering thousands and thousands of pages of data on just about anything.

Now, this interesting study shows how limb length may be correlated with Alzheimer’s.

It has been believed that the portion of the brain most impacted by Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) develops simultaneously when the limbs are growing most rapidly.

This study, done at Tufts University, explored the relationship between the length of arms and legs with the risk of dementia.

The researchers studied 2798 men and women. Conclusion: the researchers found that the risk of AD and dementia decreased as knee height and arm span increased. This finding may show the importance of nutrition in early childhood to maximize limb length.

Get out the protein, Mom.

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Is Vitamin D the new Wonder Drug? Dr. Brueck comments.

A recent study done by researchers in Germany studied the Vitamin D levels in 3200 men and women.

They found that those study participants who had high Vitamin D levels were less likely to die from cancer.

A number of studies by other researchers have shown that increased Vitamin D levels increases bone density and may modify, in a favorable way, cardiovascular risk factors.

Ah, my favorite bedtime snack – a couple of Vitamin D tablets.


If you are going live longer because of Vitamin D, why not do it beautifully? Read Dr. Brueck’s website, Beauty-by , for ideas about cosmetic surgery procedures that can help you realize the most beautiful you possible.

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Ask the Plastic Surgeon - How does Vitamin D Work?

There have been countless studies done about free radical production, which can damage cellular DNA, the body’s building block.

Chemicals, radiation and sunlight are just some of the many causative factors in producing free radicals in our bodies.

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center found a key genetic mechanism as to how Vitamin D works.

Vitamin D induces a gene, G6PD, that increases the production of an enzyme, glucose-6-phosphate-dehydrogenose (now, that’s a mouthful). This enzyme protects the cells against damage by free radicals.


Dr. Brueck's blog, Beauty-by-Brueck, offers countless observations about good health, especially as relates to plastic and cosmetic surgery.

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Plastic Surgeons ask - Hormone Replacement Therapy – Good or Bad?

Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been studied over and over – they’ve even studied the studies.

A recent study published in May, 2008 by Dr.Otilia Vanegar of the San Cecilia Hospital in Grenada, included 534 women.

She found the HRT relieved the symptoms of hot flashes, headache, insomnia, depression and memory loss, without weight changes.

She also found an improvement in women’s lipid profiles and bone density.

Breast cancer was also less frequent than in the general population.

HRT has a positive record as a form of anti-aging intervention. The goal of interventional endocrinology is to restore to normal levels the essential hormone levels that have diminished over time. These hormones need to be monitored periodically and replacement therapy adjusted accordingly.


For more information about aspects of women's health as it pertains to plastic surgery, visit Dr. Brueck's web site at Beauty-by-Brueck.

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Get Letters - Plastic Surgery testimonials

We get letters frequently from patients that are pleased enough with the results of their surgery and care at Dr. Brueck's Cosmetic Surgery practice to write and tell us about it.

We've included a couple of recent ones below. You'll find these and more on the Testimonials page at Dr. Brueck's web site,

"Dear Dr. Brueck:
I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for what you did for me. I am really a terrible patient and you helped take the fear from me. You are a wonderful person and what ever you do I am sure will be blessed.

I really don't know what to say - it sort of takes my breath away. It just makes me so happy to know our country has such wonderful people. Thank you again. Happy Thanksgiving, Holidays & New Year to you and yours."- S.L.


"Dear Dr. Brueck:
I wanted to drop you a note to thank you so much for the breast augmentation you did for me. It is beautiful. No only has it given me more confidence, it has changed my life. I also wanted to thank your staff for their kindness, courtesy and professional service. Thanks again. " - D.P.


"Hello, Dr. Brueck. did breast augmentation on me back in
February and I am very happy with them. You changed my life. I
look forward to seeing you again for my tummy tuck.
Thank you so much." - J.S.

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