Saturday, February 23, 2008

New Trends in Skin Care

Lots of new activity about Skin Care

Photodynamic therapy is being used more and more in treatment of acne. 9% of dermatologists used it in 2004 and that figure has increased to 23% last year. We have this available NOW.

A new study using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) showed that its use increased wound healing by as much as 59% in a study conducted in laboratory rats. The study was done at the Albert Einstein Medical School.

There are new trends in skin resurfacing. A few years ago, the aesthetic scene was excited about micro dermabrasion and before that there were “hot” glycolic acid peels. It is important to understand that, for the most part, these are limited in their depth of treatment and, hence, the conditions they can treat.

CO2 lasers came on the scene and became very popular. They can produce great results but they are painful, have long downtime and can have prolonged periods of red or erythema.

The newest and most exciting lasers to come on the market recently are called fractionated lasers. They first hit the market in 2004.

The fractionated lasers leave the epidermis intact and create zones of damage under the skin in the dermis. This new laser can be very effective in treating skin surface irregularities as well as pigmentary problems. The recovery time is usually a few days and in some cases the downtime can be as little as 24 hours.

One can combine fractionated treatments with a micro laser peel to get even more improvement but with a slightly longer recovery time, depending on how deep one lasers. We now offer both of these therapies.

Many times more than one treatment is needed to get the desired result. A lot depends on the condition of the skin at the time treatment is initiated. These treatments coupled with a good skin care program can offer dramatic results.

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Saturday, February 9, 2008

Longer Eyelashes

Remember a short time ago we talked about a glaucoma drug that had as one of its side effects the growth of longer eyelashes?

The glaucoma drug is Humigen, the patent for which is owned by Allergen.

Allergen has sued seven eyelash product companies for patent infringement.

One of those companies is Jan Marini Skin Research. Jan Marini has decided to take its product off the market. The battles go on in the multi-billion dollar anti-aging, non-surgical cosmetic business!

More to come.

- Dr. Brueck

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Skin Care in the Dr.'s Office

What’s new?

Two of the biggest forces in the non-surgical cosmetic world are teaming up.

Estee’ Lauder’s Clinique Laboratories and Allergen are teaming up to produce a skin care line that will NOT be available in retail outlets – only in doctor’s offices.

They are producing a cosmetic line that will blend cosmetic benefits with aesthetic medicine.

The new line will be premium and will be priced at a premium over the standard Clinique line of cosmetics. Mr. David Pyott, Chairman and CEO of Allergen said, “The big idea here was: How do we really become a leader in skin care?”

We’ll keep you posted. Sounds interesting and EXCITING!

- Dr. Brueck

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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Perfume - Does it smell as good as it sounds?

I read a review of a new book entitled “The Perfect Scent” by Chandler Burr. What really is intriguing are some of the names given to some premium perfumes such as Kimora Lee Simon’s Baby Phat Goddess or Posh Spice’s Intimately Beckham or Olsen Twins’ Coast to Coast.

Where the names come from is anyone’s guess.

In his book, Burr describes some of the scents which can be quite enchanting. For example, “L’eau d’Hiver” smells of ultra fine ground white pepper and extremely fresh cold crab taken that instant from the ocean.

Yves St. Laurent’s Love Again is “like smelling a three story gas plasma screen over the Champs Elysees showing a bowl of the ripest tropical fruit.” Quite a mouthful.

I’m not sure his characterizations provide me with any clue as to how they really smell. I guess you just have to go out and buy a bottle for that special lady in your life.

I didn’t realize the perfume industry was that big. How much do women spend annually on perfumes? Try $31 billion a year spent on perfumes. In France alone, 170,000 bottles of perfume are sold daily. Pretty impressive.

- Dr. Brueck